“It is important not just to shoot but to aim” – Long-held wisdom, this time repeated by President Obama

1001_inskeep-obama-624x350Recently, President Obama was interviewed by Steve Inskeep of NPR. (Listen, watch, and/or read the transcript of the interview, here).

Here’s something our President said that is worth pondering on the last day of the year. He was speaking of our efforts against ISIS, but it is pretty transferable:

But what I would say to my successor is that it is important not just to shoot but to aim, and it is important in this seat to make sure that you are making your best judgments based on data, intelligence, the information that’s coming from your commanders and folks on the ground, and you’re not being swayed by politics.

“It is important not just to shoot but to aim.” – Yep!

This week, I’ve taken some time off. I’ve done some de-cluttering, some thinking and planning. I am trying to “aim” for some goals and projects for 2016.

What about you? Have you been doing any clearing of the decks, and aiming anew, for next year? I’ve got a hunch it would be helpful.

It is for me.

I do know this — just wading into the new year, without planning well (without “aiming”) isn’t the best approach.


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