What to Cut, What to Add, in your regular routine – You really can’t do everything

You can’t do everything…

You might be able to do more.
You probably should cut some things out of your routine.
You might be able to add one or two items to your regular to-do list.

But you can’t do everything. Really; you really can’t do everything.

The other day, I got an e-mail from a regular at the First Friday Book Synopsis. He asked me if I had compiled lists of best articles on key business issues.

I read a lot of articles.

But my time is primarily spent reading books, and remembering the important books on key issues. And, yes, I still miss plenty of those. I guess you could call my list of best books “MY list of Books I have actually read… on key subjects.”

Anyway, after my first thought of “that would be a great idea; why haven’t I done that?,” I realized… nope, I really don’t have time to compile such lists of articles. So, I called the e-mailer, and explained “no, I don’t have time to do that.”

I felt so much lighter! Saying no just worked for me on that request. And calling him quickly, saying no quickly, literally lifted a weight off of my shoulders.

And, by the way, I sent him a list of books on the subject he asked me about, and a couple of my synopsis handouts that he had missed… and he was appreciative

So, as you face your new year, what do you need to trim from your routine. What do you need to cut, to modify, and maybe, to add…

This is probably a “should be repeated regularly” exercise…


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