Jeffrey Pfeffer’s new book is disturbing – A Beginning Look at Leadership BS

Leadership BSThe leadership industry “has failed over its roughly forty-year history to in any major, meaningful, measurable way improve the human condition,” and that “the rise of leadership as an object of our collective fascination has coincided precisely with the decline of leadership in our collective estimation.”
Barbara Kellerman, Harvard Kennedy School and the Center for Public Leadership,
Quoted by Jeffrey Pfeffer, Leadership BS


So, I have just begun reading Leadership BS by Jeffery Pfeffer. I’ve been reading about it, before it was published. It sounds fascinating, and the first few pages are certainly thought-provoking.

Here’s what he is saying (I think): all of this leadership development industry effort has produced very little. In other words, leadership training and developing efforts and initiatives are training and developing very few really good leaders.

I say to that: “yep!”

Not good!

I don’t yet know what his proposals for change for the better are, but I think I agree that he has identified a true, nobody-wants-to-acknowledge-it problem.

More to come, later, on this blog. (I have selected Pfeffer’s book for the November First Friday Book Synopsis).


One thought on “Jeffrey Pfeffer’s new book is disturbing – A Beginning Look at Leadership BS

  1. Yes.
    Best things I’ve read on leadership:
    – Mission, men, me (Putting me last and men before me particularly in a large bureaucratic environment is one of the hardest things to do, requiring tremendous self sacrifice in return for the probability of zero, earthly reward.)

    – The question all followers are asking about the leader: For me, against me, or for himself?

    – Leaders eat last.

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