If Only There Were an Everything Store for Talent – (News item; Tesla losing people to Apple)

News item:
Tesla employees have been jumping ship to work on Apple’s ultra-secret car project, codenamed “Project Titan.” This has had a “big impact” on the development of new Tesla vehicles, Apple Insider reports.
Apple’s secret car project is said to be having a ‘big impact’ on the production of Tesla vehicles


So, here’s the premise. You only become the best, and stay the best, when you have the best people working with you.

Even in an individual endeavor, like tennis, it is now more and more clear that the best player is surrounded by a very talented team. Get the team wrong, the tennis suffers.

A tennis player has a coach, a nutritionist, and other helpers that I just can’t keep up with.

And, this is true in every arena. I recently saw an article about a celebrity with a “glam squad.” A hairdresser, a make-up artist, a wardrobe coordinator, and probably others. Apparently, it takes a quite a team to look that good.

And, here’s the thing: there aren’t that many of the very best available for each team.

Thus, the Tesla/Apple story.

I assume there is a limited number of people out there who are ready to do the work to make the next leap or tweak forward on that new-fangled car the company is making. There’s not an “Everything Store” for the talent needed to keep the company fully stocked with needed talent.

And so, if Tesla is losing key people to Apple, that helps Apple, and hurts Telsa, and reminds us all that there is a limited supply of the very best talent out there.

I remember a few year ago, after the first iPhone came out, that in one fell swoop the best new graduates quit applying to Research in Motion (BlackBerry), and started applying for the jobs at Apple.

Because, where the talent goes, the progress/the next big thing/the next breakthrough follows.

How important is that one key piece of talent? Just consider this:chicago-bulls

Michael Jordan years for the Chicago Bulls – 6 championships
Post Michael Jordan years – 0 championships

Of course, Michael Jordan had a wonderful team around him, starting with Coach Phil Jackson and his key teammates. But still… one Michael Jordan is worth how many starters that are not Michael Jordan?

As Kip Tindell, CEO of The Container Store, put it in his book Uncontainable, “1 Great Person = 3 Good People.” And then, if you read his book carefully, it is actually much more than that ratio – one great person is worth many, many more good people.

So, will Tesla suffer from what is reported as key losses? They could. And, if Tesla and Apple wrap up all the available talent, the next competitor is going to have an even harder time…

If only there were an Everything Store for Talent…


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