Build Your Confidence; Impress your Boss – Unexpected Pluses from attending the First Friday Book Synopsis

(We have a new Meetup page for our First Friday Book Synopsis, which we set up simply to help spread the word about our event to a new group of folks. Click here to check it out).


On our Meetup page, a regular participant at the First Friday Book Synopsis left this comment:

I just impressed my management by how “well read” I am. My ability to provide insights into current management challenges, backed up by quotes and references in current literature, gives me extra confidence in making recommendations.

She is, in addition to her own reading, referring to what she gains by attending our monthly First Friday Book Synopsis sessions. At each of these, I and a colleague each present a synopsis of a best selling business book. For each presentation, we provide comprehensive, multi-page handouts.

On my handouts, I always include a few pages of direct excerpts/highlights from my reading of the books I present, followed by stories, key principles, and my lessons and takeaways from the books.

Do you remember the good old days, when a friend would loan you a book, and you just loved it when you flipped through and read their own underlinings and highlights, and the notes they wrote in the margins? There were times when their underlinings and highlights were enough to give you a real feel for the book.

Well, that is kind of what my handouts are like. The quotes/excerpts are taken directly from my own underlining/highlighting.

(These days, that happens with my Kindle app version, which I then copy and paste into a Word document. I usually take my own highlights from about 70-90 pages of Word document down to about 7-8 for the handout. Kind of a “best of the highlights” list. That editing is painful by the way – so many good excerpts I have to leave out!).

But notice the comment above. She said “I impressed my management by how well read I am.” In other words, our presentations provide useful information and insight to professionals. Information they can use, information that “impresses your boss, and other management folks,” information that helps you better understand the challenges and issues your organization is facing constantly. And, knowing this information gives you greater confidence in meeting with your team and your boss. Pretty good pluses, don’t you think?!

You know that there is always a good book out there dealing with the challenge or issue at hand. How do you find that book? How do you find the information that is most useful? Our synopses are valuable tools for that pursuit.

Come to our event; follow along, and then re-read our handouts; impress your boss; help your organization move forward.

These are good reasons to stay up with the best books through the First Friday Book Synopsis


15minbb150Note: if you cannot attend in person, we make our synopses available for purchase at our companion site, Each synopsis comes with our handouts, plus the audio recordings of our presentations.



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