Maybe hearing about it, reading about it, doesn’t fix it…

“until your people are mocking you, you’ve not repeated your message enough.”
Verne Harnish, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits


Maybe hearing about it, reading about it, doesn’t fix it…

Recently, I heard someone say “I’ve heard enough about this.” Yes, there are themes that crop up pretty often in business books and other business writings. Like: “We’ve got to be more innovative; we’ve got to have better leaders; we’ve got to be better at spotting and developing talent; we’ve got to have more effective teams; we’ve got to have more effective communication.”

These themes crop up because they are trendy, or they are “hot,” or they are… Or, maybe, and please read this word carefully, they are “important.”

Importantand, difficult to master.

In other words, there is not much evidence that we have mastered many of these.

Is there a shortage of effective leaders? — Yep!
Are there many ineffective teams? – Yep!
Are there companies not all that good at communicating within and without the company? – Yep again!

You know, I haven’t read a single book in recent years about mastering your daily shower. You know why? We’ve pretty much got that one down.

But, these themes I’ve just listed (and, there are others), have many repeat messengers, sometimes repeating what we’ve already heard, sometimes with new insights, new attempts to bring mastery to such areas in the work place. Why? Because we have not mastered them at all.

And, yes, I do get it that some people are tired of hearing about the theme of the day/week. But, until we master these, I’ve got a hunch that there will be even more books and articles and training sessions on such themes.

In other words, if you’re really tired of hearing about this stuff, then quit being so bad at it!


Take a look at my “bubbles.” This is my attempt to identify all of the areas that we need to master in the business workplace. If you’ve truly mastered any of these, congratulations. But, warning – it is very easy to slip backward before you even realize it. And, which ones have you not mastered in your company? (And, have I missed any?)
(Note:  I give descriptions of each of these in my first e-book, 12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health).

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And, don’t forget the “Rule of Seventeen.”  Read this blog post: “The Rule of Seventeen” – If you Want to Get Your Message Across & Accepted, Repeat, and Repeat and…..

Click on image for full view
Click on image for full view

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