2 Reminders about Successful Team-Building – (with insight from Heidi Grant Halverson, No One Understands You)

No One Understands YouSupervisors love anything that smacks of team building…
Heidi Grant Halvorson, No One Understands You and What to Do About It

First, join a team
Student speech, on “Always Be a Team Player”


I’ve just finished my careful reading of No One Understands You by Ms. Halverson. (I will present my synopsis of this book this Friday at our June 5 First Friday Book Synopsis). Although it is not primarily about team-building, it is very much a team-building reminder book.

Here are a couple of quick team-building reminders, from the book, and from one of my students.

#1 – Team-building shifts discussions of success from “I/me” to “we/us.” The team’s success becomes more critical, more important, than any one individual’s success. This is a good thing.

#2 – This means that individual’s need to commit to team success – very intentionally, very much “on purpose.”

I teach speech at the Community College level. I had a terrific student speech on “always be a team player.” She said this:

“First, join a team.”

One of those blinding flashes of the obvious — but valuable!  And I thought about it… If you truly join a team, you jump in fully, making the team’s success the focus of your efforts. You put your energy and passion into the success of the team. In other words, when you join the team, fully join the team.

Two pretty good team-building, team-success reminders…


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