What is Your Focus? – Are You Staying on, or Straying From, Your Focus? – (A Warning from Jim Collins)

What is your focus?

What is your organization’s focus?

What is your personal focus – in your job, in your life?

FocusIt seems like such an easy question to answer: “What are you focusing on?” But, if you are like me, there is always the next pull from the next demand – the next time demand, the next skill-development demand.

We never, ever quite master staying focused, do we?

I thought of this – again – as I worked back through my highlights from Good to Great and the Social Sectors, the monograph by Jim Collins. Here’s the key quote:

To do the most good requires saying “no” to pressures to stray, and the discipline to stop doing what does not fit.

So, assuming you know what your primary focus is, what tempts you to stray from your primary focus? What have you not said “no” to that you really should say “no” to?

Staying on task– the task, the main task, the only task – this is what separates the truly great from the many others.

It is not easy to learn how to do this!


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