Reflections on Brinkley’s Biography of Cronkite

On Wednesday, I present a synopsis of Douglas Brinkley‘s biography of Walter Cronkite.

The book, simply titled Cronkite (Harper, 2012) took me a summer to read, as it is over 1000 pages long.  It was worth it.

I presented it at a bonus program for the First Friday Book Synopsis, and for several associations and companies in Dallas.  Since it was never a best-seller, we did not feature it in a monthly presentation.

Brinkley has become one of our great biographers, and this one is almost novel-like in its content and construction.

Cronkite was known as the “most trusted man in America.”  His work for CBS News was strengthened by his initial work in newspapers.  He was truly a journalist, not a TelePrompTer reader.  His flexibility comes across again and again in the book, noting that it was never too late to get important news on the air in a broadcast.

This is a book you could read 25-50 pages a week over the summer and make a strong headway.  Maybe you could latch on to the content and even read it faster.

Douglas Brinkley photoCronkiteCover


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