Focus; Eliminate Distractions – A Lesson from Masters Champion Jordan Spieth (& C.S. Lewis, among others)

Here’s a problem.

We are too easily distracted. And we have never lived in a time with more distracting distractions.

In the old days, revered professors would teach their classes and then take their daily walks. Like (from Wikipedia):

View along Addison's Walk
View along Addison’s Walk

Addison’s Walk is a picturesque footpath around a small island in the River Cherwell in the grounds of Magdalen College, Oxford, England. There are good views of Magdalen Tower and Magdalen Bridge from along the walk.
The Walk is named after Joseph Addison (1672–1719), a Fellow of the College from 1698 to 1711, who enjoyed walking there.
Addison’s Walk was a favourite walk of the author C. S. Lewis (1898–1963), who for much of his life was another Fellow of Magdalen College. He regularly frequented Addison’s Walk with friends who included Hugo Dyson and J. R. R. Tolkien.

Just imagine; Addison, Lewis, Tolkien and probably many others would teach, write, and then take breaks and relax on a quite and serene walk.

They never once had their thoughts interrupted with a text message… or even a cell phone call.

It was a different world…

So, here’s a lesson from Jordan Spieth. The 21 year old golf wizard just won the Masters. Other than the fact that he is really good at golf, Jordan Spieththis article reveals one of his secrets. He knows how to focus; how to concentrate; how to truly avoid distractions. From the article Jordan Spieth rented 2 houses for the Masters, and one is strictly for sleeping by Tony Manfred:

According to Brian Wacker of, Spieth rented two houses at Augusta for Masters week, and he uses one of them as his personal sanctuary.
From Wacker:
One is for sleeping. The place he can rest, gather his thoughts, find some quiet time if necessary.
The other is for fun. The place he can hang out in and enjoy time with his parents, brother, friends and anyone else in town from Dallas this week.

If you saw the news about Spieth’s triumph, you know he must have done something right. Apparently, this decision to “get away to rest, to gather his thoughts, find some quite time” was a key piece of the puzzle.

So, the lesson:

Focus; concentrate;
Eliminate distractions…

Sounds like pretty good advice for anyone who is trying to accomplish a major challenge, don’t you think?


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