Tom Brady & Tim Cook Both Know It – It’s Not a Time to Live off of Yesterday’s Successes

Ok — let’s get this out of the way. I’m not a Patriots fan, or a Brady fan, or a Belichick fan.  And, as I have written here, and here, I have little confidence in their integrity.

Tom BradyBut…  a really good piece of insight can be valuable, regardless of the source. So, consider this:

Brady tends not to equate immortality with hardware anyway. Whenever he is asked to name his favorite Super Bowl win, his reply is “the next one.”
(from Tom Brady Cannot Stop by Mark Leibovich).

The next one — that’s the mindset!  That’s always the mindset. It’s pretty ancient. It’s even found in the Bible:

“Forgetting what lies behind, and straining toward what is ahead, I press on.”
(The Apostle Paul,  Philippians 3:13-14).

I recently read an article slamming Steve Jobs for his greatest failure. The author wrote that Jobs’ greatest failure was:

That failure? The inability to build a company that could sustain excellence in his absence.

Considering the latest Apple quarter, I’m not sure that criticism is justified. Maybe Steve Jobs did just fine choosing his replacement. This much I know; Tim Cook may not have all the gifts of Steve Jobs, but he sure is focused on continuing excellence, and on “the next one” — the next innovation, the next product, the next improvement and tweak and… And it looks to me like he is doing a pretty amazing job.

This is not a very good era for those who want to live off of yesterday’s successes. Though there is, and should be, appreciation for what came before, it is definitely a most “what’s next?” era.

If you are not focused on your “next Super Bowl,” you really are focused on the wrong target.

Tim Cook (then COO), the new master, at the side of THE Master
Tim Cook (then COO), the new master, at the side of THE Master

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