First Results; Then and Also Build People – Maybe The Essence of Leadership

This morning, I spoke to a great group in Leadership Mansfield on “Leadership.” Yep, that’s a pretty big, all encompassing subject.

Yes, I do recommend this book more often that any other look for people who actually lead others
Yes, I do recommend this book more often than any other look for people who actually lead others

I used portions of my presentations from the books Encouraging the Heart and Wooden on Leadership, but I started with a set of slides I created that I simply call “Let’s Think about Leadership.”

It covers a number of issues, like: a leader encourages people, does not discourage people; a leader helps people aim for a better future; a leader helps all the people he/she leads do their very best (and works hard to figure out how to help each person do his/her best). I spoke about the need for a leader to be tough, demanding, yet doing so out of a motivation to want the best for the people he or she is leading

But, I really emphasized this point. It’s one that I don’t like; it’s one that I wish were not true. But, it is true! Leadership really does start and stop with results. If the leader is not able to produce the desired results, then all else sort of does not matter. Results are what matter more than anything else.

And, results start with working toward the right and workable goals for this era. If your service or product is no longer in need by enough people (think film cameras; or buggy whips), no matter how well you care for the people you lead, the enterprise

So, maybe it is this:

Results First and Last
Results matter more than all else
In the process, the best leader also cares for, and builds, and nurtures they people they lead

Now, it is true that getting the best out of people comes from the way a leader treats, notices, encourages those people. But, no matter how well a leader interacts with, and encourages, and treats people, if the leader is not leading toward the results needed for this enterprise (with a service or product people will buy, today), then all such people-cnetered servant-heart-motivated leadership will not be “enough.”

Those are some of my current thoughts about leadership…


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