A Future with Almost No Parking Lots? – Just a Quick Thought for Your Day

Are you ready? Here it comes.

What?, you ask… Simply this. A much different future…

The future will be different in many ways. But, here’s just one thought from the book Exponential Organizations:

parking lotIn September, 2014, California will issue the first license plates for driverless cars… (resulting in, ultimately) almost no parking lots and fewer traffic fatalities.

Sometimes lines just jump out at me.

If you have been paying attention, you know that the day is coming, maybe sooner than we thought possible, when there will be an abundance of driverless cars. And when that day arrives, it will mean other changes throughout our society.

When that day comes, we won’t have to drive somewhere, and then leave our cars outside in some parking lot while we are there – at work, shopping, the movie… whatever. (Of course, we might not go to such places as often anyway. I shop from home; I stream movies at home; I do plenty of my work from my home office)…

But it was that one phrase – “almost no parking lots” – written in a paragraph on the challenges for urbanparking lots planners in the book, that made me think… holy mackerel, the future is going to be different, isn’t it?


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