Catching Up – It’s Easier to Do Than Ever – But, Don’t Fall Too Far Behind

It’s the first day of a new year.

And I’m already behind. Way behind.

At the end of 2014, I read so many articles on the “best ____ of the year.” The best books; the best new restaurants; the best movies; the best TV shows.

I missed most of them. The vast majority of them.

I am so far behind!

But, it is a great era to be behind. Catching up has never been easier. Right now, my wife and I are working slowly but steadily through all of the episodes of Inspector Lewis. We missed them earlier. We both enjoy watching these – so we can do it together. We do it through Amazon Prime, right on our own television.

Like I said, it’s never been easier to do some catching up.


It is also dangerous to be very far behind. Especially at work.

I’m nearly through reading Exponential Organizations (for next week’s First Friday Book Synopsis). I feel like I’m learning a foreign language. The authors refer to so many start-ups, using technologies I’ve never even heard of, much less understand.

I really don’t know what all is out there, available to use.

So, one of the tasks for the new year is this one – discovering/deciding what to learn just to catch up.

And, then, by the way, as I’m playing catch-up, someone else has already introduced the next new, new thing.

So, it’s 2015, and I’ve got some serious catching-up to do.

And, also, some serious keeping-up to do.

What about you?


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