Read Something For Fun; Relax a Little – I’ll Be Back to Blogging Soon

It is highly likely that I will not write a blog post, or work in any way, after noon tomorrow (Dec. 24) until at least the weekend.  My time will be consumed with two young girls that I do not see often enough, and …  let’s just say they can be a little demanding when it comes to my attention.

I will read them a book or two (for their age level; both still pre-kindergarten.  So, probably, I”ll choose excerpts from band_concert_disney_mickey-785167_7426the Encyclopedia Britannica — or, maybe not…). And we’ll watch Mickey and the Band Concert a time or three.

Late at night, I will be finishing a novel I’m halfway through – one of the Gabriel Allon thrillers from Daniel Silva. And I’ve got a nice new stack of escape reading that I might get to tackle.

So…  happy holidays.  Read something for fun.  Visit, and relax.

And, I should return to this blog either Saturday,, or maybe Sunday, or… maybe even Monday.


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