Would You Like to Read 24 Business Books Next Year?

There’s always the next new good book to read…

Would You Like to Read 24 Business Books Next Year? Two a month?

Books to help you think about: time management, personal productivity, leadership, communication, strategy, organizational effectiveness, working well as a team – collaboration, execution, constant improvement, innovation

The list of challenges is kind of overwhelming, isn’t it? So much to learn, so many way to keep getting better at your job.

Yes, of course you would like to read 24 books next year, (or, more), and truly keep up with such challenges.

Well, my guess is that most folks want that —but cannot, or will not, actually do that much reading.

So, next year, here are two options to help you keep up.

#1 – If you are in the DFW area, attend our First Friday Book Synopsis. Each month, Karl Krayer and I present our business book synopses. Two concise, fast-paced presentations, with multi-page comprehensive handouts filled with content from the books we select, and usable takeaways. Now, it isn’t as good as reading the book, but we give you enough to think about the issues you face, and help you with tangible ways to improve.

#2 – Subscribe to our 15minutebusinessbooks site. Our presentations at the First Friday book Synopsis are 15minadrecorded (audio recordings). You can purchase these, and you will receive our same handouts that the people who attend receive. So, by the end of each month, two now synopses are ready for you to listen to and read.

Subscribe now, and during the holiday break, you can catch up on some of the best books we’ve presented in the last few years: Steve Jobs, The Second Machine Age, The Innovators, Willful Blindness, Zero to One, The Power of Habit, Lean In, Knowing Your Value… these are just a few of dozens and dozens of titles with synopses we have available.

So, do a little catch up, and plan to to make 2015 a year of keeping up.

If you can’t actually read 24 books next year, this is a way to at least do enough to stay more current than you might be able to otherwise. And the more current you are, the greater chance you have of keeping up in this fast-paced, ever-changing world.


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