Maybe, Results Matter AND People Matter

Results matter.

People matter.

Maybe, results matter and people matter.

Just a short thought. What matters most in business? The case can be made that the only thing that matters, ultimately, is achieving the desired results.

But, there are plenty of instances that demonstrate that if achieving results is all that matters, people can be treated — are treated — in ways that are disheartening, even dehumanizing.

I’m a little worried with the idea that “the end justifies the means” ends up ruling the day. Because if the end is profits, success, results, and people can be easily discarded in the process, well… I’m not sure that is the kind of “end” that justifies such means.

Maybe we need leaders, and companies, that go after the results while caring for, nurturing, building, being attentive to people in the process.

I realize that you have to hire people who are qualified; then offer them the training and support to keep them qualified and successful.  (You know… “the right people.”).  But in the process, maybe leaders and companies should commit to treating them like human beings…


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