Assumptions and Key Actions for Managing Change on November 12

My blog posts continue to feature Randy Mayeux’s workshop on November 12 for Managing Change in Richardson.   Click HERE for details.

I wanted to share with you the assumptions we make and the three major key actions which all the skills he teaches in that program revolve around.  This section comes directly from the workbook for the program.



  1. You will experience change — major and minor changes — time and again throughout your career. The sooner you make peace with this, the less you will resent it or fight it.


  1. The more you learn to recognize needed changes that you can embrace and put to use, the more you will develop a change mentality. This will lead to higher productivity.


  1. Change for the sake of change is good. Because we live in a world of constant change, change itself keeps us “in shape” for other changes.


  1. Every change has its enemies. Every change agent needs communication and persuasion skills, for the purpose of building change friendly alliances.


  1. The more you accept/experience/befriend change, the more you will change. Change begets change, which begets more change.


Key Actions


  • Recognize your tendency to resist change, and resist it!


  • Recognize all of us are in the change boat together.


  • Look for opportunities in the way you do your job that you can put change to work for you.


Don’t you know someone who could benefit from this workshop?  If he or she resists change, and becomes lower in productivity, effectiveness, and efficiency because of it, this workshop will be useful.  We teach how to cope with change that you didn’t initiate or create.  It is very valuable.  We are glad to speak with you about the program.  Call (972) 980-0383 or send an e-Mail to


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