There Are Times When a “Pull-Away” Learning Experience Can Make a Huge Difference – We’ve Got Some “Change and Innovation” Workshops for You to Consider

How long has it been since you devoted a chunk of your time for a serious learning experience?

Yesterday, I heard Ken Medema sing at church. Blind from birth, Mr. Medema has been singing to groups for decades. He is…unique. A good singer, accompanying himself on piano, what he does is write songs “on the spot.” He listens to a speaker, and writes a song about the speech (in this case, sermon) as he listens. And, then, he sings this song, capturing the essence of the message we’ve all just heard. He really is unlike any other singer I’ve ever heard.

So, I walked up to Mr. Medema, and told him I had heard him years earlier at a national speakers conference. He appreciated the memory…

And, as I drove home, it hit me. I haven’t been to enough conferences lately.

Training-workshops-for-you-610x393Call them what you will; choose the kind you want; workshops, conferences. (In my preaching days, I attended “Bible Lectureships.” Yep, they were just conferences with sermons instead of speeches or presentations).

Here’s what these offer. A “pull away” time – to pull away from the phone, the office, the daily routine — all for the purpose of focused learning. With great networking and conversations included.

In other words, such experiences provide genuinely focused learning experiences. And I think we need more of these in this much-too-hectic, overly-scheduled era.

I love books, articles, blog spots, TED Talks…  But to actually go away for the purpose of learning is a deeper, more-lasting experience.  It can make a big difference — if you actually learn, and then implement…

So, part 1 of this blog post – you really should consider going to a “pull-away” learning experience.

Now, part 2 – we’ve got just such an experience for you. It’s not a “big conference” – it’s a smaller group, intensive learning experience. For two days in November, November 12-13, we’ve got two half-day workshops, and one full-day, all built around the challenge of Change and Innovation.

I will lead some of the workshops; and Karl Krayer will lead the other.

So, if you are already the ultimate master at change and innovation – find another pull-away learning experience. But, if you’ve still got some things to learn in these departments, then please give our workshops serious consideration. I think you’ll find some genuine, future-shaping help for you and your organization.

Click here for all the details. I think it could be worth your time and investment.



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