The Secret to Good Golf (and a whole lot of other endeavors) – “Eliminate all the Bad Shots”

Fer De LanceNero Wolfe:
Will you take one of those clubs and stand there, beyond that chair, and whirl it about you in the orthodox manner?

Mr. Townsend:
Whirl it?

Nero Wolfe:
Yes, club, strike, hit, whatever you call it. Pretend that you are impacting a ball.

Nero Wolfe, to Golf Club Salesman Mr. Townsend, asking for a demonstration, on the path to solving a crime, from Fer-De-Lance


I played golf yesterday for the first time in decades. Yes, decades — plural.

Well, actually, it would be very generous to call what I did yesterday “played golf.” I made about 7 really good shots. And many, many dozens of shots that were nowhere near the borders of “good.”

Pretty much how I felt...
Pretty much how I felt…

I played with my brother, my youngest son… and we were accompanied by another brother. (He did not play. I guess that pretty much made two of us…).

In the midst of the round, after a few (quite a few) poorly hit shots, my brother, Mike, said,

The secret (“to playing good golf”) is to eliminate bad shots.

That’s pretty much it — in everything. The secret to business success; the secret to building good processes, is to identify and eliminate all the bad processes, the bad decisions, the bad products… even removing the “bad personnel.”

Eliminate bad shots. Yep, that’ll pretty much do it.

Sadly, he did not reveal the secret, telling me exactly how to eliminate all my bad shots.


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