Do We Need a Greater Grasp of the Longer View, the Sweep of History? – I Think We Do

Just a short reflection…

In my synopsis of Business Adventures on Friday, I referred to Daniel Schorr in my introduction. I mentioned how much I gained from the decades-long experiences of Mr. Schorr when he would report on and reflect on contemporary issues on NPR. He began his reporting career as a stringer, and joined CBS News in 1953. He would regularly refer to experiences and memories from his early years in his 6-decades long career, which only came to an end upon his death in 2010, at age 93.

That long-look experience added such depth of understanding.

I had the same sense as I read Business Adventures by John Brooks. First published in 1969, Mr. Brooks was clearly a student of business history, and wrote with a sweep that is rare.

My reflection… We seem to live and decide and act so much “in the moment” in today’s era. My sense is that so many know so little about the struggles, the failures, the accomplishments of yesteryear. I simply appreciated the sense of history as I read this book.


One thought on “Do We Need a Greater Grasp of the Longer View, the Sweep of History? – I Think We Do

  1. Randy,

    Insightful as ever. Some books become dated very quickly because they rely too heavily on stories or cases or insider tidbits that years later people cannot get the context and therefore miss so much of the lessons.

    By the same token, there is unfortunately, a lot of “If I did not experience it, it did not happen”.

    Third, business schools (regular schools???) really do a lousy job of teaching “history”.

    Thus we are bound to experience it all again.

    Daniel Schorr was one of the driveway moment commentators for me 🙂

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