I Keep Putting it Off – I Really Need to Quit Putting it Off

I'm going to stop putting things off-starting tomorrow.Do you have this problem? You put things off.

I do…

Things that need to be done; skills that need to be developed; conversations that you need to have… You just keep putting things off…

Maybe you really do have too much on your plate. But, even so, you are putting some things off that you really need to get to, aren’t you?

Or, maybe you haven’t figured out just what to do. (Read Getting Things Done by David Allen. (Or, check out my synopsis of that very good book. See below). Compile a full inventory of everything you need to do. Go to work on getting better at knowing what all to do.

Or, maybe you are just a lazy person — and, to some extent, we all are (read this blog post, prompted by M. Scott Peck’s classic, The Road Less Traveled: “Life is difficult; don’t be lazy” – 2 great lessons from M. Scott Peck’s The Road Less Traveled, maybe the best book I have ever read), If so, quit being so lazy. Just get to it!

Whatever the reason you have for putting things off, it’s really time to do something about it…Now, Not Later

May I make a suggestion?!

Schedule time to create a list of “stuff I keep putting off.”
Update the list regularly.
Tackle one at a time – clear out the list.
Repeat the process regularly

Stop putting things off!!!


A couple of specifics…

#1 – Skill Development to Stop Putting Off

I now have a Safari bookmark on my iPad. I call it my “skills I need to work on” bookmark. The links are to articles, and videos – lots of videos – to help me develop skills. I tackle one or more links each week (and, I add new ones each week).

I’m slowly learning how to do a few things I did not know how to do.

Let me recommend that you set a similar bookmark, and carve out some time each week to work on new skill development.

#2 – Book “Encounters” to Stop Putting Off

I have read all of these books, and many more -- but never enough!
I have read all of these books, and many more — but never enough!

Are any of these in your “I really should have read this by now” stack?

Steve Jobs
Lean In
The Second Machine Age
Think Like a Freak
Flash Boys
David and Goliath
(and, so many more…)

I do know how long it takes to read a book. Yes, I do… But, if you have a stack of books you’ve still never gotten around to finishing (some, even starting), may I recommend that you try out our book synopses at

15 Minute Business Books – 15minutebusinessbooks.com.15minad

With the audio recordings of our presentations from the First Friday Book Synopsis (we’ve been doing these, every month, since April, 1998), plus our multi-page comprehensive handouts, you really can learn enough from these books to find something useful. I’ve presented a synopsis of each of the books listed above, and many, many more.  And, my colleague, Karl Krayer, has presented synopses of many other titles.  These synopses are available at our web site.

(Of course, it would be better if you actually read the books. …But, you haven’t yet, have you?)

You can pop these recordings into your SmartPhone, and listen while you commute, or jog, or mow the lawn… Each one is about 15-17 minutes long.

Give it a try.


So – what is on your “stop putting this off” list? Time to get to it!


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