The Lines Keep Blurring in this Eclectic Time – (Insight from Thinkers 50: Future Thinkers)

expert skill or knowledge in a particular field

• selecting what appears to be best in various doctrines, methods, or style
• composed of elements drawn from various sources

a conceptual approach that does not hold rigidly to a single paradigm or set of assumptions, but instead draws upon multiple theories, styles, or ideas to gain complementary insights into a subject, or applies different theories in particular cases




Think about these two words. One talks about deep dives, getting really good at one thing over the long haul. Deep expertise.

Seldom do you want to hire a person for an important job who is doing this job for the first time. You want someone to get the kinks out, learn from his or her mistakes, and then just keeps getting better, before they tackle your specific job.

Thinkers 50 Future ThinkersBut… it turns out that in some arenas, in some pursuits, an eclectic background can be really valuable; as valuable a s deep expertise. In Thinkers 50: Future Thinkers: New Thinking on Leadership, Strategy and Innovation for the 21st Century by Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove, we learn about the rise of the eclectic…

From the book:

Dorie Clark used to be the spokeswoman for a presidential candidate and a divinity student. She now focuses on personal branding. The France-based Italian Gianpiero Petriglieri is a business school professor but was trained in psychiatry. Adam Grant is a Wharton professor and sometime magician.

Fundamental divides now mean very little.

The thinkers of the future will be unashamedly eclectic, capable of looking through a wide variety of lenses.

Also, jobs, products, and entire industries are converging as never before. This is having a knock-on effect on business thinking. The lines between strategy and innovation and between leadership and marketing are blurring.

You are all that you are. Every piece of your background informs what you are working on now. And, it turns out, the wider that background, the more you might be able to bring to the table.

It is an eclectic world, and an eclectic time — “blurred lines” in a constantly blurring world.

Interesting insight from Thinkers 50: Future Thinkers.


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