Why You Should; Why You Should Not; Read My Blog Posts

Consciousness raising (also called awareness raising) is a form of political activism, popularized by United States feminists in the late 1960s. It often takes the form of a group of people attempting to focus the attention of a wider group of people on some cause or condition.
(from Wikipedia)


Recently, an author I like and respect recommended that business writers and speakers retire some “overused” stories.  She listed a few such stories in her appeal.

I got her point. And I understand – yes, some seminal stores seem to be used in article after book after interview after presentation after blog post.

For example, I think I’ve now read the Van Halen David Lee Roth Brown M&Ms story in about 53 books so far. (Yes, I am exaggerating…).

(Van Halen would require a bowl of M&Ms in the dressing room, with all of the Brown M&Ms removed. This was a ”check,” to see if everything in the contract had been done fully and completely. This mattered, because of safety concerns, and to make sure all the sound and other aspects of the stage show would work correctly during the show. The Brown M&Ms check was a real time saver. Great story!).

But, here’s the thing. There are always new audience members, and they haven’t heard these stories yet.

And, great “keystone” stories allow us to continue to learn from them; to learn something new with each retelling and re-pondering. And, my latest reading of the Brown M&Ms story, in Think Like a Freak, added even more insight into the story.

Recently, I spoke to an audience with professionals from across industries, presenting one of my extended book synopses. A truth dawned on me again – there are book readers, and there are people who just never read books.

But, they want to learn…

So, you should not read my blog posts if you are a voracious reader who is ahead of me, and ahead of everyone else around you, Or, if you are one of those “natural business geniuses who just knows everything there is to know), and you really don’t need reminders, and/or quick doses of input.

I know a CEO of a mid-size, rapidly growing company that he built from his garage—literally, from his garage. (I’ve seen the pictures). It is successful, the leader in his region in his industry. He has known “what to do” in business well before he ever opened the first book. I envy such people! (He told me that he does not have time to read blog posts – and, I believe him).

So, if you are like this guy, skip these (you already are skipping these. You’re not even reading this…).

But, you should read my blog posts if you seek a pretty much every-day reminder of something to think about in business. I share takeaways from business books, and thoughts gathered from all over the place… And I think my relatively short posts will give you a kernel of thought, and help you think about your business issues from a “let me step back and think about things” perspective.

In other words, call my blog posts an exercise in perpetual business thought consciousness raising.

My blog posts are not Shakespeare. And, there are a lot of places to read good, useful thoughts to help you think about your business issues. I hope mine will make your cut, and I hope you find some use from these posts that I share.

And, ask me, and I’ll tell you the Brown M&MS story in greater detail. It’s a great story!


Note: I also post frequently about issues of social justice and poverty – another “great interest” of mine.


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