We/You Should Probably Be Subtracting Something, and Adding Something, Right Now – and Often

There are many, many such features that you always have to make tough choices about. We’ve actually cut features that I love. This is one of the toughest but most important parts of designing products–deciding what to trim as you move forward.
Why Google Killed Your Favorite Feature: Jon Wiley, Head Of Google Search, Explains Why Google Sometimes Kills Your Favorite Features


What have you cut; trimmed; abandoned?

There are times when you abandoned things you should have kept. Other times, it was the right decision to abandon something that took your time and energy.

Maybe we all should consider going on a serious abandoning mission.

The quote above from Google’s Jon Wiley talks about a serious and important corporate habit – the habit of abandoning one thing to move on to the next, better, more-needed, new, new thing.

Since reading this article, I’ve thought about this. I think about web sites I have abandoned; and magazines; and tv shows. Even “connections” — people that I used to see, but no longer connect with.

Sometimes, I should not have stopped. I feel a definite void.

Other times, it did free me up to read new web sites, new authors, new magazines… and make new connections.

What especially struck me in this article is that Google has to abandon features that still have many users; loyal users. Users who get angry at Google for abandoning “their feature…”

But, people and companies can only do so much. And at times, you have to abandon this to get time to do that.

So, take a look; take an inventory. What are you now doing that you need to abandon, so that you can add that next new activity, reading choice, task…

What should you subtract?
What should you add?

It’s a perpetual challenge, isn’t it?


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