For all Book Readers – A Short Update of High, High Praise for the Kindle App and Kindle Unlimited

OK – I’ve signed up for my 30 day free trial. I’m already hooked. Fully, fully hooked. Go sign up for Kindle Unlimited right now…

Here’s why I’m hooked. I’ve been reading books on my Kindle App on my iPad for a few years now. With my work, I need to be able to highlight key passages, some of which I include in my handouts for my book briefings/synopses. And, after I highlight my passages, I can go into my “Kindle Your Highlights” page online, and see all of my highlights, and then copy and paste them into Word documents. For my purposes, that feature is the BIG feature I need.

So, I read about Kindle Unlimited, and I’ve signed up for my 30 day free trial. I’ve “tried it out.”

First, there are new business books already available: the top three business best sellers this hour are all available: Flash Boys by Michael Lewis, Capital by Thomas Piketty, and Business Adventures: Twelve Classic Tales from the World of Wall Street by John Brooks.

Second, for my purposes, this will save me some real money! I buy two copies of every book I present for the First Friday Book Synopsis: a Kindle copy to read, and a physical copy to give away at our event. So, now, for the once a month rental, when the title is available on Kindle Unlimited, real savings. (No, I won’t let availability influence my selections for our event).

Third, my highlights are available online with my rentals, just as they are for my purchases. I’ve already checked. Wonderful!

I can’t tell you how happy I am about this. I have downloaded countless sample pages of books that I have read, and could not always tell if it was a book I wanted/needed to go ahead and purchase. Now, with the free rental, problem solved!

So, if you have an iPad or tablet, download the Kindle App, sign up for Kindle Unlimited, and start reading. (Of course, if you have the Kindle device itself, just sign up).

Thanks, Amazon.


A detail, and a piece of speculation.  According to a video in this article, you can rent 10 books at a time.  And, pure speculation — I assume you can keep your rentals for as long as you want (until you hit 10, and you begin the “remove, to replace” process.


By the way, Amazon made it so very easy to sign up.  Maybe this is because I’m an Amazon Prime member, but, one click on the “sign up” link, and I was in.


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