Become a Better Proofreader, of All of Your Work Output (A Little Wisdom from Weird Al)

I’ve been thinking about yesterday’s post, about the brilliance of design by Steve Jobs, and Tim Cook — and the attention to detail called for by Admiral McRaver.

So, what do we do with this?

We start paying better attention. Look at evey part of what you do. Your web site; your e-mails; your presentations. Are you accomplishing what you want to?  Look at everything through user, or reader, or listener/audience eyes.

Think like a designer. Are you easy to follow? Is your work easy to follow? Do you make it easy to understand, and use, everything you provide? And does your work come from the perspective of the user, the reader, the audience — with them in mind every step of the way?

Following the wisdom on Weird Al’s Word Crimes, we all need to become a much better proofreader, not just of our words, but of all of our work.


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