You Can’t Do Two Things at Once — Not Really (With Alan Lakein’s Question: “What Is The Best Use Of Your Time Right Now?”)

You know this, but at times it is good to be reminded. You cannot do two things at once—if “doing” means paying close attention to, and giving “it” your full attention..

I learned this again these last few days. My wife’s father, who has lived with us for the past four years, is now in hospice care. He has taken much of the attention of my wife for the better part of a decade, and her full attention for the last few days. And, I have been with her (and him) some (not enough), and I have “worked” only enough to get done what I had to get done. This morning, I presented a three hour training session. And, now, a few quick minutes at the computer before I leave for the next place I need to be

In other words, not only can you not

do two things at once
but, also,
you cannot be two places at once. – Not really…

A “leisurely” day to think and ponder and read and write is what I prefer, but there are times when you can only do what is in front of your face to get done at the moment — and nothing else.

Thus, the reminder – you really cannot do two things at once.

How to Get ControlI thought back to Alan Lakein’s question:

“what is the best use of my time right now?”

Sometimes, following Lakein’s counsel on “the best use of your time” helps you remember what is most important, after all.


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