Just a Short Note – Getting Discovered Comes First, then You Seek to Turn the Discoverers into Customers

I recently visited with the head of a publishing company.  He told me that the big word in his industry — practically the only word — is “discovery.”  Getting discovered is the ball game.  If a book, and an author, remain basically unknown, then there are no customers, no sales…

One key reason – the disappearance of shelf space.  There are fewer book stores, thus fewer feet of book shelf space.  (And, though we did not discuss it, I am a life-long book customer, and I basically have quit browsing in physical book stores.  And browsing on-line does not put as many book titles in my line of sight).

So, getting discovered is the challenge.

This is true for books, authors — and for products and services of many companies.

So, how are you going about the task of getting discovered — by new people, your new potential customers?


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