Here’s another Unfair Game – Women in the Modern Workplace

(“An Unfair Game” is part of the subtitle of Moneyball by Michael Lewis).

The-Confidence-Code-MainA friend just asked me if I thought The Confidence Code, the new book by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman, is a good book. I am presenting my synopsis of this book tomorrow at the First Friday Book Synopsis.

My answer was yes. But, then, I sent her these thoughts:

Women at the top levels of any workplace have a tough time — men do not let women lead, do not want women to lead, and if they “seem” like leaders, they are called too pushy )or something more offensive). And, then, this effects their confidence.   It is a tough bit of unfairness.

The authors certainly wrestle with this in their book. Here are a couple of brief excerpts:

Women are so keen to get everything just right that we are terrified of getting something wrong. But, if we don’t take risks, we’ll never reach the next level. The thoroughly accomplished twenty-first-century woman should spend less time worrying about whether she’s competent enough and more time focused on self-belief and action. Competence she has plenty of.
More often than not, the way confidence manifests itself in men is wholly unappealing and downright foreign to women. Most women aren’t comfortable dominating conversations, throwing their weight around in a conference room, interrupting others, or touting their achievements.

I have read and presented synopses of a number of books that deal with women in business issues, including: Women Don’t Ask, Womenomics, Knowing Your Value, Lean In, now The Confidence Code. This strikes me as an issue in perpetual flux, with maybe not enough actual progress by women being made. Women are still under-represented in the highest levels of leadership in practically every arena – dramatically under-represented.

This is another good book to keep the conversation, and the pursuit, going.



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