Do You Have Your Own “To Learn” List? Is It Up To Date?

This is about some deficiencies of mine. I’ve got a few.

Do you have any? Yes, I suspect you do.

I was born in 1950. I’m pretty computer/tablet/phone literate. But, I am very slow. I still “hunt and peck’ on the keyboard. And I am pretty much a two-to-three finger typist on my tablet and phone. When I get around people younger than I am (and, increasingly, that is almost everybody I end up being around), I watch them on their phones. I watch with something close to amazement. How do they do that?   Especially the really young ones. They type on their phones faster than — well faster than seems humanly possible. They seem to use all their fingers – but especially the thumbs. I feel like a horse and buggy in the age of Teslas.

(Side note, true story: In my classes at the community college, I used to tell a story about “buggy whips.”   I don’t anymore. You know why? My students do not know what a buggy whip is.).

So, on my “to learn list” is:

“learn to type with my thumbs on my tablet and my phone — and then add other fingers.”

I have an iMac. And I’m pretty much a “type a bunch of words” content guy. Images –well, I borrow them all. Slides – well, I can use PowerPoint and Keynote. But, I’m pretty simple. Nothing fancy. I can actually make the case that simple, with big font and few words per slide, is a good thing to make points clearly.

But I see these folks with great images, and embedded videos, and all sorts of great creativity in their slides. And, I feel just a little bit overwhelmed, and more than a little bit behind the times.

So, on my “to learn” list” is:

“learn some creative techniques for adding images, and learn to easily embed videos, in my slides.”

These are just two items on my “to learn list.” I have others. I need to learn how to use Excel effectively; well, first I need to learn how to use Excel at all. (I told you – I’m a Mac guy).

And, I need to make more time to read books that are a little further outside my norm. That one, at least I know how to do – I just don’t do it enough.

Actually, my list is pretty long on stuff I need to learn.

What’s on your “to learn” list?


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