Three Quick Observations – Steve Jobs; Women in Business (& Donald Sterling); The WWE and Foreign “Enemies”

Just a short, quick, hopefully “isn’t this interesting to think about” blog post.

#1 – I spoke this morning to The Branch, a weekly gathering of the Farmers Branch Chamber of Commerce. Good group! This particular event is led by “Brother” Eddy Ketchersid and Richard Brown, with plenty of helpers.

Steve JobsI presented my “short version” of the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson – just a few highlights, and a few favorite stories. Here’s one quote I include on my “short/one-page” handout.

For all of his obnoxious behavior, Jobs also had the ability to instill in his team an esprit de corps. After tearing people down, he would find ways to lift them up and make them feel that being part of the Macintosh project was an amazing mission.

In other words, though Steve Jobs was something of a nightmarishly bad boss, he also brought out the best in people. He made them believe that they could do more than they thought they could do themselves. And this may be the true test of leadership. Whenever people experience true esprit de corps, and accomplish great things, then maybe team building has been successful…

#2 – I keep thinking about women-in-business issues, and other examples of a “lack of diversity” in the workplace, and throughout society.

The latest moment from the hopefully soon to be Clippers former-owner Mr. Donald Sterling, his train wreck of an interview with Anderson Cooper, reveals that some folks – including some powerful, wealthy men in power – just aren’t very attuned to the realities of a diverse culture –or, attuned to their own cluelessness about those realities. In his case, issues of race, and gender…

The-Confidence-Code-MainI am reading The Confidence Code by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman (my selection for the June 6 First Friday Book Synopsis), and realizing again that it is a multi-faceted issue. Yes, women will have to build greater confidence. But, also, the people in power (overwhelmingly men) will have to intentionally include more women in the circles of such power. You know, on purpose; intentionally; with intent.

#3 – There is an interesting article up on The Daily Beast today. It is about the new Russian villain in the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment): Putin Vs. Obama—In Spandex: Wrestling’s New Cold War by Tim Teeman.

Here’s the description:

The current Russian villain:  Rusez and his valet
The current Russian villain: Rusez and his valet

“Russian” Alexander Rusev, who—two weeks into his prime-time wrestling adventure—is accompanied to the ring by his valet “Lana,” determined to pulverize and torture any down-home, Stars and Stripes- and Spandex-wearing American he alights upon.

Reading it took me back to my childhood, when my grandfather took me to the wrestling matches every Thursday night in Jacksonville, Florida. The baddest of the bad villains was that despised Russian, The Great Malenko. The wrestling promotion of that day had already cycled through the hated Germans (with their Nazi salutes), and Japanese villains. So, it was time for the Russian to be the bad guy.

Boris Malenko - (The Great Malenko)
Boris Malenko – (The Great Malenko)

I have always believed that professional wrestling reveals quite a bit about where the people “are” at any given moment. Sounds like we’re back to Russian bad guys again.

(Read the Daily Beast article – it really is worth pondering).

As I said, three quick observations for this blog post…






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