Today we Went Past 800,000 Page Views for the History of our Blog – Thank You

I just noticed – today, we went over 800,000 total page views for the life of our blog.

We are not a “big” blog.  But, we have kept at it for a few years now.

Currently, I am writing pretty close to at least one blog post per day. In the past, Bob Morris wrote many more posts than I did, and he regularly shares a few posts a week with our readers. (Thanks, Bob. Read all of his blog posts at his site, Blogging about Business). And my First Friday Book Synopsis colleague Karl Krayer writes a few posts on occasion.

The majority of our posts are intended to help you think about business issues. But, in addition, I also write frequently about communication issues, especially dealing with public speaking and presentation skills. I also write often about issues of social justice.

So, today, a special thank you to all of you who read our blog. We are glad you find it useful.

800,000 – maybe not a big deal, but it feels like we might be providing a useful resource to help you in your life and work.


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