Flash Boys, a First Look – (A Short, Quick Comment about Michael Lewis, the Great Story Discoverer)

flashboysI’m about a third of the way through Flash Boys by Michael Lewis.  (I will be presenting my synopsis of this book at the May 2 First Friday Book Synopsis).

I will write more about it later, and after our event, will post the main lessons and my takeaways from my reading of the book.  But here is s quick, short comment.

What Michael Lewis does is identify a development, a practice, an issue, a problem — and then, he finds and tells a story (really, a few stories) that shine light on this larger, bigger issue.  He has always done this.

Oh, there are already plenty of critic of his premise, his concussions.  But…

There are two authors that, when they have a new book coming out, I can’t wait to read it — Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis.    Partly, just out of the sheer joy of reading great stories from master story discoverers and story tellers.

A good story teller has to first be a story discoverer.  And to do both well — to discover a great story, and then to tell it well — this is great writing!  The better writers find, and tell good stories.  The best writers are the exemplars of the practice.  Malcolm Gladwell and Michael Lewis — they are the exemplars.

I am really enjoying my reading of Flash Boys (as I knew I would).

So, criticize the conclusions made my Michael Lewis if you want.  But, if you read the book, I suspect you will realize that you are reading the work of a superior story discoverer, and then story teller.


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