The More We Practice, The Better our Judgments – insight from Obliquity

Here’s a question. Have you ever used bad judgment? Have you ever mis-judged a person, a situation, a circumstance?

I have… And it is a painful realization when I realize that my judgment was not better.

obliquity-paperback-196x300-1Here’s an excerpt from Obliquity (a book I am really enjoying reading):

what we are describing as intuition is based on evidence and evaluation and is repeatedly successful when practiced by a Beckham, an experienced art curator or a Picasso—and not successful at the feet, or in the hands or minds, of amateur footballers, casual gallery visitors or weekend artists. The more we practice the better our judgments.

The book is filled with reminders about this important truth: first you learn the “rules,” the “basics,” then you develop judgment re. when to follow such rules precisely, and when to adjust and tweak and shift and change.


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