“Your Best Work is Ahead of You” – Maybe “Ageism” at Its Worst; but, Maybe, the Right Kind of Challenge!

The website of ServiceNow, a large Santa Clara–based I.T. services company, features the following advisory in large letters atop its “careers” page: “We Want People Who Have Their Best Work Ahead of Them, Not Behind Them.”
The Brutal Ageism of Tech by Noam Scheiber.
(I first read this on Andrew Sullivan’s blog).


A comment…

Yes, “We want people who have their best work ahead of them, not behind them” is incredibly “ageist.” But, it is also a reminder – if you work at all, you’ve got to stay current, innovative, perpetually learning, and approach each day with the kind of zeal and resolve and optimism that your best work is in fact ahead of you.

Let’s not forget that it was Ronald Reagan (not a young president!), who was the one who believed that it was morning in America. I think he kind of believed that it was “morning for Reagan” also. And I think he believed that right up until he no longer could.

Keep believing that your best work is ahead of you.  It’s the only approach worth having in any endeavor you undertake.  Including the job you are working at right now.



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