Five Assumptions & Five Questions from Jack Welch, Winning – Rather Clarifying…

A friend recently reminded me about Jack Welch and his five questions.  (Good, important questions — read more about these here — i.e., here’s the “long version”).  Here are the five (short version):

#1 — What does the Playing Field Look Like Now?
#2 — What has the Competition Been Up To?
#3 — What have You Been Up To
#4 — What’s Around the Corner?
#5 — What’s Your Winning Move?

Jack Welch on WinningThe conversation sent me back to my handout for the book Winning. (I presented my synopsis of this book in May, 2005, at the First Friday Book Synopsis in Dallas).   Here’s another valuable reminder from the book.  The assumptions are assumptions one should make in the midst of a crisis.  They sound pretty smart to me under any circumstance.

• Crisis Management – from “Oh-God-no” to “yes-we’re-fine”

• Assumptions:
1) Assume the problem is worse than it appears
2) Assume there are no secrets in the world and that everyone 
will eventually find out everything
3) Assume you and your organization’s handling of the crisis 
will be portrayed in the worst light possible
4) Assume there will be changes in processes and people. 
Almost no crisis ends without blood on the floor
5) Assume your organization will survive, 
ultimately stronger for what happened

Five questions; five assumptions.  Rather clarifying, don’t you think?


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