All People Skills Start Here – You’ve Got to Like People (A Lesson from Angelina Jolie)

having concern for or helping to improve the welfare and happiness of people.


EE British Academy Film Awards 2014 - Red Carpet ArrivalsAngelina Jolie made the day of some college students at her Oscars rehearsal.  Here’s the story, from Angelina Jolie Charms Oscar Rehearsal Actors by Sandy Cohen:

She hung around chatting to show producers and introduced herself as “Angie” to a group of college students serving as trophy carriers this year.
“You’ll help make the night a fun night,” she said warmly to the star-struck students. One told her, “You were great out there.”
…Jolie presented an award on stage, and when a rehearsal actor stepped up to claim it, she gave him a hug.
“For this rehearsal only,” he said, “I am one lucky bastard.”

Ms. Jolie is this year’s recipient of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award.  She is a humanitarian.  That means, at its very essence, that she is concerned about people – you know, one human being at a time.  And this short description about her interaction at the Oscars rehearsal reveals that she probably has the right stuff for this award.

We hear a lot about people skills.  Leaders need them — really, everyone needs them.  It seems to me that all people skills start here:  you have to like people.  And, I think this story about Angelina Jolie reminds us that getting this right goes a long way, and makes a lasting impact.


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