The Second Machine Age; The Demographic Cliff – Two Thought-Provoking Books for the March First Friday Book Synopsis

I’m never quite sure what I will get out of a book when I start reading it.  I have a clue; a hunch; an “educated opinion” – I read reviews, read the blurbs.  But, as I immerse myself in a book, I begin to realize that there is always something unexpected around the next page-turn.

This morning, I presented my synopsis of Creative Confidence by the Kelley Brothers (the IDEO guys), at the weather-delayed February First Friday Book Synopsis.  It was a terrific read.  It taught me much (I will post a few reflections, with my takeaways, soon – probably over the weekend).

The book I have selected to present at the March First Friday Book Synopsis, The Second Machine Age, is one of those “so that what’s really happening in our world” books.  I am already hooked.  It is so clear – it just makes sense.

I do my best in my synopses to let the author(s) of the book speak.  And to let the message of the book itself shine through.  But, I suspect, what also comes out is this—a little bit about my encounter with this book.  After all, books are written to find an audience.  And, more often than not, I am part of that found audience.  An enthusiastic reader, ready to learn…   I generally am so thrilled that I found “this” particular book, time and time again.  That’s how I felt this morning, for sure.

So, of course, I get jazzed about the books I select.  And my colleague, Karl Krayer, also chooses a book to present each month.  For March, he will tackle a work that seeks to make sense of the current financial environment – its fragility, its danger, and also its hope.

In other words, our gathering, meeting every month since April,1998, is a gathering that respects the written word, and what it can teach us.

If you love books – especially business books – our event is one to add to your monthly schedule.

Come join us March 7.  All of the details are on the flier.  Click on it, take a good look, put us in your calendar – invite a friend or two or three.  You will be glad you did.

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C;lick anywhere on image for full view

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