The Creative Process – As Described by Beau Willimon, Creator, House of Cards

House of CardsI just read this terrific conversation from The AtlanticIs House of Cards TV?  Its creator doesn’t think so. A conversation with Beau Willimon about streaming, the creative process, and the meaninglessness of the word “television” by Spencer Kornhaber.

(Season two of House of Cards was just released on-line, all at once, very early this morning, by Netflix.  Yes, I saw season one.  Yes, I will see season two.  Pretty quickly — probably beginning tonight).

Here’s the paragraph:  read it, then read it again.

You have to get in a room, you have to start coming up with ideas, and most of those ideas will be bad. Eventually you arrive at an idea that is good. You explore it, you wrestle with it, you rewrite and rewrite and rewrite until you think you’ve got it.

There it is. — the creative process.  Which, if done well, gives birth to innovation, breakthrough,…  success!

Get people together
Come up with a lot of ideas
Find the good one (there will probably only be one)
Explore it, wrestle with it, develop it, refine it.

Find a way to do that, over and over again, with the teams in your organization, and you’re going to become a creative, innovation powerhouse.


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