Organizational Leadership 101 – Three Key Phrases from Melinda Gates

Yesterday, (Februrary 12, 2014), Diane Rehm spent an hour with Melinda Gates:  Melinda Gates On Philanthropy.  As of this writing, the transcript is not available, but there is a video of the interview available on Diane Rehms’s site:

Melinda Gate with Diane Rehm
Melinda Gates with Diane Rehm

After a brief break, as Ms. Rehm resumed the segment, she read (probably from a document supplied by Ms. Gates) this paragraph:

Melinda Gates and her husband (Bill Gates) are co-founders of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Along with her husband, she:
Shapes the Foundation’s strategy
Reviews results
And sets the overall direction of the Organization.

There it is!:  Organizational Leadership 101.  The leader(s) of an organization have this role to play:

#1 – Shape the Organization’s strategy
#2 – Review Results
#3 – Set the overall direction of the Organization.


Go in the right direction.
With the best use of people and resources.
To acccomplish the goals you set out to accomplish.
Measure your effectiveness.
Make mid-course corrections.
Get back at it.

Get these right, and you’re on the road to effectiveness and success.  Get these wrong, or ignore these, and you’re in trouble for sure.

{I cover these in my short e-book, 12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health.}

And, by the way, it is worth watching/listening to this interview.  Melinda Gates is one knowledgeable, passionate, sharp, absolutely-worth-listening-to leader.


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