Here are Links to All of My Posts on the Four Decisions – and the 5th Decision Also

Decisions, more decisions — always more decisions.  Decisions about:


4 DecisionsBelow are the links to all four of the posts I wrote recently about The Four Decisions.  These are based on the Gazelles Coaches (Verne Harnish) Strategic Thinking and Planning model.  And, I added my own “5th Decision” – Humanity.

And, a word about decisions.  Here’s what I know – you make a decision, and then you have to continually, energetically, unbendingly reinforce the decision(s) you have made, all the way throughout the organizations.  Because, trust me, the forces or the universe seem to be against you even making the decisions, and then living up to the decisions you have made.

Here are the links:

Decision #1 — The Right People; It All Starts Here!

Decision #2 – The Right Strategy (and Everyone on the Same Page in True Alignment)

Decision #3 – Execute (Actually Do the Things Planned to Implement Your Strategy)

Decision #4: Cash – (It’s Simple – You Need Money to Keep Growing)


Decision #5 – Humanity – Does Your Company Demonstrate Humanity to all of Your People?

A suggestion:  read all five of these.  Then, whether you print out these articles, or go the Gazelles site for their summary and print that out, it would be a valuable exercise to distribute and read these together with your leadership team — and then discuss them.

And then, to have a “let’s reinforce these decisions” session pretty regularly with your leadership team.  (That’s what the Gazelles Coaches offer – they keep your leadership team on track with the decisions you make).


12_vital_signs_to_organisational_health_2D_coverMy e-book, 12 Vital Signs of Organizational Health, has plenty to “complement” and reinforce these decisions.  Check it out.


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