Customer Service: Credit where Credit is Due – and an Observation/Lesson or Three

I have recently had some really ghastly experiences with some customer service experiences (make that “lack-of-customer-service experiences”) – with a bank; and with a cable company.  (Don’t get me started!). 

But, I’ve also had some terrific experiences.  And, I realized that maybe I should be a little more energetic about praising great customer service when I experience it.  So, here are three customer service “good stories,” with a lesson in each:

#1 – Joseph A. Bank.

I bought a few items of clothing from Joseph A. Bank over the holidays.  I get their daily e-mail, and it is one of the few daily e-mails I get that I actually check – especially when I am in need of clothing.  I bought a needed new suit, some shirts, some slacks, at pretty close to their very best price of the year.  The daily e-mail works, and I appreciated it.

And, after the free shipping, I took them in to the local Joseph A. Bank store for alterations.  The outcome – alterations accomplished, on-time (actually, a day early!).

Now, I’m no fashion guy.  I just need regular business clothing for my work life.  I get it at Joseph A. Bank, with good service, on time.

(I could add another story or two about how helpful the folks are in the store when I need an item quickly).

Lesson:  regular communication (in their daily e-mail) is valuable.

#2 – Amazon.

Twice in the last three weeks, I have hit the buy button by accident — without thinking clearly.  In other words, it was my mistake!  Once, it was a Kindle App book purchase.  (I meant to hit the “sample button, and hit the buy button by mistake).  The other, I ordered the wrong book to be shipped to my home.  In each case, I was able to go in to my account page, and cancel each order.  (One of them, a day and a half after the order).  Amazon makes it easy — no hassle. 

I can’t begin to tell you how many products I now buy from Amazon.  They make it easy; they are delivered quickly (practically never later than promised; frequently, faster than promised).

Lesson:  no hassles, and easy cancellations/refunds, even when it is the customers fault (my fault).

#3 – JVO Design.

This is a “small business” success story.  Jennifer Voiles (now Jennifer Aiken) is a graphic designer, and a good sounding board for business ideas.  I suspect I can take her for granted, because I have simply come to expect what she does time and again.  Recently, I needed a “rush” on some handouts for my presentations.  (OK – to be honest, I almost always need my items in rush/fast turnaround mode).  She is quick!  I got my items back literally within two hours.  And they look great.  Good work; quickly done.  That is superior service. 

Superior work; quickly done.  What more could anyone want?

Lesson:  Attention to the needs of your individual customer, providing superior work, quickly done. 

Well, those are my three recent stories of superior customer service.  When you experience the same, I hope you will say a thank you.  I’m certainly grateful.

(Now, don’t get me started on the bank, or the cable tv company experiences…).


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