Four Generations of Clients – People really are different!

Have you ever heard an expert present a quick synopsis of her expertise?  It is a wonder to behold.

This happened yesterday at our bonus program following the First Friday Book SynopsisLinda Thomas, a certified image consultant, presented her program on The Four Generations of Your Clients:  What do They Really Want From You?

The entire program was excellent.  Linda was helped by her able intern/assistant/colleague/technology coach, Gen Y (Generation “WHY”) representative Krista Estes, who added greatly to the experience.

Linda has discovered, in her “image consulting” business, that image is only one piece of a bigger picture.  It starts with image; then it goes to nonverbal communication issues; and now it has gone to generational understandings and issues.

First, let me explain the first sentence in this blog post: “Have you ever heard an expert present a quick synopsis of her expertise?” Linda’s presentation was not on image – but she summarized her wisdom on this issue in a handful of sentences that were breathtaking and close to brilliant in their simplicity, common sense, and helpful wisdom.  She really does know what she is talking about!  (I learned why it is always better to wear long sleeves.  I almost always wear long sleeves — now I know why).

And then, the rest of the session was just a terrific discussion of the way different generations work and think and act…  A self-described former “hippie,” Linda has sought to understand just what makes each generation different – and, thus, different to work for and with.  Here is her summary of some of the key differences of the generations.  It is worth looking at carefully.

Click on image for full view

If you need some image consulting, I encourage you to contact Linda Thomas.  And if you are in need of a good session on how to work better dealing with multiple generations of folks, consider her program on this also.  She has done her homework, and will help you think more clearly and work more effectively.


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