The Most Important Trait – Could It Be Curiosity?

I like curious people.  I think curiosity is the prelude to break-through thinking.  And my favorite authors are insatiably curious.

Here’s a quote from Bob Morris’ review of What the Dog Saw by Malcolm Gladwell:

In the Preface, Gladwell observes, “Curiosity about the inner life of other people’s day-to-day work is one of the most fundamental of human impulses, and that same impulse is what led to the writing you now hold in your hands.” He seems to have an insatiable curiosity about individuals, situations, and locations that are of little (if any) interest to most people…until Gladwell shares what he has learned about them.

And in The Big Short, in which Michael Lewis tells stories of the very few people who figured out the coming crisis on Wall Street before it happened, here’s one telling paragraph – about Steve Eisman, as stated by one of his cohorts, Vinny Daniel:

He (Eisman) entered private meetngs with the lenders and the bankers and the rating agencies probing for an intelligence he had yet to detect.  “He was in learning mode.  When he’s fascinated about a subject, his curiosity becomes far more important than being confrontational.”

I know of books that can help us become more creative, and books that can help us become more innovative.  But I don’t know any that are specifically about how we can increase our curiosity.  Maybe it’s simple – we should simply always be reading something that we know very little about.  This might feed our curiosity.

So here is your question for the day:  are you curious?


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